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    Jupe coupe ballon plissée mi- longue en coton et soie rayée blanche gris et rose, fermeture éclair discrète sur le côté et deux agrafes, doublure à la taille gros grain et coton, fabrication italienne.

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    Set of pleated flowing skirt and top in blue-red faded pattern, long skirt, waist support with a 5cm-wide jean blue elastic, zip fastening at the back of the skirt, mid-length sleeves top knotted with a knot

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    Pleated mid-length skirt in fuschia cotton, discreet zipper on the side and two staples, grosgrain and cotton lining, Italian manufacturing.

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    Skirt made up of several petticoats of polka dot tulle mounted on a high-waisted leather belt, combining navy and black, unique fashion show creation, Italian made.

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    Dior black tailor skirt in viscose and fine stretch wool, structured straight cut with darts, small slit at the bottom of the dress, discreet closure at the back of the dress and hook, silk lining, French manufacturing.

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    Mid-length trapeze skirt in polyamide, tweed tones pink and orange. Zipper on the side and clip. Fuchsia croquet lining the bottom of the jacket. Fuchsia silk lining. Inner non-slip elastic band. Made in Italy.

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    Mid-length straight cotton skirt, tweed blue and pink pastel shades. Zipper on the back of the skirt and two staples. Plastic croquet lining the bottom of the jacket, slit at the bottom closing with two Chanel jewelry buttons. Silk lining. Made in France.

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    Skirt in hard blue technical micro fiber, trapeze with buttoned pendent, eight golden buttons placed symmetrically on the front of the skirt. Discreet zipper on the side of the skirt

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    Mid-length straight skirt, white bubbles and olives pattern, with a draped effect flap on the front, main fabric entirely in silk, secondary fabric in white color, 80% viscose and 20% wool, back zipper and sewn button, authenticity tag, Italian manufacturing.

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