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    Mid-length parka in beige canvas with removable multicolored fox fur interior, lined hood, zip and press studs, drawstrings at the waist and at the bottom of the parka, long rolled up sleeves, two pockets plated closing with zip and press stud, French manufacture.

    540,00 €
  • * 840,00 € In Stock

    Long sheepskin inside lined, composed of a long collar and a knitted hood, two large knitted pockets, closing with three press studs, French manufacture.

    840,00 €
  • * 780,00 € In Stock

    Quilted jacket with large collar, closing with a zip and a small black press stud, made up of four patch pockets, Italian manufacture.

    780,00 €
  • * 860,00 € In Stock

    Tubular dress with thin black straps on a white and raspberry background, floral patterns in sequins and rhinestones, "Blind For Love" inscription at the waist adorned with small white pearls, long discreet black zip on the back of the dress, two-tone interior lining , Italian manufacture.

    860,00 €
  • * 400,00 € In Stock

    Sleeveless pencil dress, deep neckline with lace, chest darts, nude silk lining, breast cups, ruffles at the waist closing with a long discreet zip on the back of the dress and hook , cross slit at the back, Italian manufacture.

    400,00 €
  • * 280,00 € In Stock

    Slightly oversized long cardigan with ethnic patterns, long sleeves, turned-up collar, embellished with fringes at the edge of the collar and on the bottom of the model, two patch pockets, Italian manufacture.

    280,00 €
  • * 500,00 € In Stock

    Long-sleeved two-tone knitted coat with small collar and buckle clasp, Italian manufacture.

    500,00 €
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    Reversible gray fox fur vest composed of a hood, zip and press studs, two patch pockets, Italian manufacture.

    490,00 €
  • * 500,00 € In Stock

    Parka composed of a suede exterior and a cashmere interior, closing with a long zip and seven press studs, double collar, drawstring, two patch pockets, Italian manufacture.

    500,00 €
  • * 200,00 € In Stock

    Short ecru long-sleeved jacket with a long collar, four navy blue stripes on the back and front of the jacket, two small patch pockets, Italian manufacture.

    200,00 €
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    Short oversized wool coat with black and white chevron pattern, black zipper and buttons, zipped hood, short sleeves, French manufacturing.

    990,00 €
  • * 960,00 € In Stock

    Set consisting of an oversized tartan pattern jacket, buckle closure, raglan sleeves, wrap skirt in the same pattern, rear zip, American manufacture.

    960,00 €
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    Burgundy skater dress with small pleated details, round neck, short sleeves, zip and hook and eye closure at the back, Italian made. 

    400,00 €
  • * 480,00 € In Stock

    Long coat dress in black virgin wool closing with two snaps and nine hooks, two patch pockets, black silk lining, French manufacture.

    480,00 €
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    Navy blue pencil dress with small sleeves with a small jewel button, closure on the back with a long zip and small hook, black silk lining, French manufacture.

    700,00 €
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    Black and white long-sleeved tweed jacket, fringed edges and gold braid closing with a small discreet black hook, two patch pockets, black silk lining, French manufacture.

    1 200,00 €
  • * 900,00 € In Stock

    Structured rosewood dress with small short sleeves made up of a small collar, four patch pockets, two of which are located at the chest, beaded waistband, long discreet rear zip and a small hook, French manufacture.

    900,00 €
  • * 700,00 € In Stock

    Set consisting of a short skirt slightly flared with embroidered guipure on the bottom, sweater with embroidered pattern on the front, mittens, French manufacture.

    700,00 €
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    Fluid multicolored silk dress, round neck, three-quarter sleeves, cinched at the waist, Italian manufacture.

    340,00 €
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    Long navy blue cashmere skater dress, long embroidered sleeves, three small buttons on the shoulders with small ruffles, French manufacture.

    700,00 €
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